Assured Plus Driving School is the winner of the award,
"Best Driver Training School" for the 2020 Canadian Business Awards.
MTO – Approved Beginner Driver Education (BDE) Course Provider

What We Offer

What We offer

» This program is designed to enable students to develop the necessary skills and attitude to become safe and responsible drivers.

» Our courses are taught by Trained Licensed Professionals both in - class and in - car.

» Classrooms provide an environment that is interactive / conducive for learning and is equipped with all modern electronic Apparatus / Training Resources.

» Our courses are recognized and inspected by the Ministry of transportation (MTO)

» New Model Cars equipped with dual control are used to provide in - car instructions.

» Free practice for the driving simulation to improve new drivers skills behind the wheel

» Professional and licensed instructors

» Four months reduction in waiting period for G2 road test

» Free in vehicle preparation lesson before road test

» Patient, effective, and professional communicator as instructors

» One – on – one lesson with outstanding quality and privacy

» High passing rate for road test

» We offer flexible scheduling of in-car lessons, 7 days a week, in the morning, afternoon, and evening

» In-car training, we pick you up from home, work, and school

» Free booking of ministry road test appointments

» Payment plan available

» Our certificate may qualify students for maximum insurance discount and early road test appointments

Register With us

If you have any questions about the registration or if you have any trouble, please let us know. We can’t wait to meet you and get started
on your educational drivng journey.

  • - Poor Visual Habits
  • - Fail to spot potenial dangers
  • - Not see all neccessary signs
  • - Slower reaction time
  • - Following too close
  • - Not scanning intersections
  • - Improper steering
Contact Information

Assured Plus Driving School
3476 Glen Erin Drive,Suite 201
(Glen Erin /The College Way) Mississauga,
ON L5L 3R4
Tel: (905) - 820 - 4389